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 About Us: 

On July 5th, 1992, at the behest of

celebrated humor artist Boots Reynolds, western cartoonists from all over the US

and Canada gathered at the convention center in Cody, Wyoming for the first ever

Cowboy Cartoonists Art Show.

After three days of laughs, pranks and midnight deliberations, this like-minded group agreed to join forces and form an association to promote their work and educate people about their unique profession. The Cowboy Hall of Fame later became their rendezvous site for several years and grew into a 50 foot booth at the Cowboy Christmas Tradeshow during the National Finals Rodeo 

in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rendezvous' are now held at a different venue each year and continue to promote cowboy cartoons.

CCI strives to meet its goals with purpose, perseverence and a dedication to always keep things fun. Membership has continued to increase each year as fresh new talent is drawn to the world of Western cartooning.

The CCI artists have seen their work

exhibited in prestigious art shows and museums nationwide, major magazines and newspapers have featured the group and its work, and a wide assortment of licensed books, apparel and gift products have been eagerly received by an ever-growing and always appreciative audience.

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Please note that all the art on this site is fully copyright protected by the artists publishers.

Ask first before you copy or use it in any way.  Thanks!

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