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If you’re lookin’ for Krazy, you’ve found the right person.  Whether it’s robbing a train, fiddlin’ up a storm, or doodlin’ cows

fetchin’ sticks, there’s all kinds of fun going on in Krazy Ani’s world. Kristen Lloyd (a.k.a. Krazy Ani) grew up on a dairy farm

in south eastern Idaho where she discovered her passion for drawing anything and everything that had a humorous side.  

She also found a love for music and Wild West Entertainment watching countless hours of Roy Rogers films and other westerns

from the silver screen.  These classics inspired her to pick up singing, Guitar, Fiddle, Trick roping, gun spinning, and whip cracking

as an art form too, which she uses to entertain and educate audiences about the western life year round in Heber Valley, Utah. 

Kristen’s skills with a gun and humor eventually landed her a job at the Heber Valley Railroad as ’Krazy Ani’, the local Train Robber. 

Every day becomes an adventure when she holds up the train, gets captured by the conductor, and sings and entertains for her freedom. 

It was during one of these robberies that she mether husband Devin (holding him at gunpoint),

who also works at the railroad as a Conductor and Engineer.

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