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Daryl grew up in the Idaho mountains around cowboys, sheepherders, miners, and loggers. 

One of his first jobs as a young man was working for a sheep outfit as a camp tender in the Sawtooth Mountains. 

“I’ve seen the sun come up in some pretty incredible places.”  Living life, old timers, working as a cowboy and brand inspector,

supplied him an endless supply of subject matter.  The hands-on experience reflected in Daryl’s work is obvious. 

His knowledge of the livestock industry and the people he grew up around in the backcountry added truth, humor,

and created a unique style of cartooning.  Published work can be found on Leanin’ Tree greeting cards, magnets, and coffee mugs.  Additional publications include Cowboy Magazine, Ruralite Magazine, and illustrated short stories. 

Daryl and his wife Coleen still live in the Idaho mountains.

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