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A fifth child of four brothers and three sisters, Pepe was born in Nueva Rosita. A northern Mexico area, where a Cowboy style is a normal way of life. He used to spend weekends, holidays or any spare time with his brothers and sisters at his family ranch in Muzquiz, Coahuila working as a cowboy from breaking colts for remuda to growing hay for cattle and horses in winter.

A kid with a frustrated dream of becoming an Old Western Bandit, a former all around rodeo cowboy who rode three rough events and bulldogging, and former Rodeo Clown. He graduated as an Industrial Designer from the prestigious Monterrey, Nuevo Leon University. 

Pepe grew up admiring Cowboy Cartoonists and drawing images from western magazines. His Mother Teresita, used to complain because there were no schoolbooks left without his cowboy drawings that could be reused by his younger sisters.​ 

Currently working in the Auto-Industry in Lexington, KY, Pepe is always daydreaming to be back on a saddle, and ready to rope. 

Pepe is a proud father of two loving and amazing kids. Mary Jose and Francisco Gerardo, the beating heart of his life.

He is an easy to laugh, quick joke, all smile sun of a gun. His long term life plan is to get back on a horse,

become a full time Cowboy Cartoonist and get as much as smiles as possible for the rest of his days.


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