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On his small horse ranch on the bald, wind swept Canadian Prairies, "Rhymin Diamond Doug Keith", 

Cowboy Cartoonist & Cowboy Poet, has developed somewhat a warped way of looking at life. Maybe too much time talking

to gophers or landin' on his head too many times after being throw'd, he says it would be awful to break an arm. 

Well known for his cowboy cartooning and western illustrating, Doug's artwork has garnered numerous awards and many commissions including the official portrait of "Skoal's Airwolf", the three-time world champion buckin' horse.

Doug has been featured at some of the most prestigious Cowboy Gatherings across North America, providing buckaroo entertainment

for companies, associations and a wide variety of business and corporate events. 

Promoting cowboy culture through his cartoons, poems and western art is where Doug is the happiest.

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