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Wheeler (SLIM) Hughes grew up in the mesa and cow country of north eastern New Mexico and has been involved in ranching

for over 25 years. From working cattle and horses to (heaven forbid) sheep and goats, he understands the hardships and humor that surround ranching and cowboying. He takes from his own experiences and those of the hands around him, to make light of the daily

disasters they all survive. In his opinion, cowboys and ranchers are just real life cartoons. These folks have  developed a strange,

yet necessary, ability to laugh at themselves and their hardships. Wheeler’s cartoons have appeared in multiple ranching publications and he currently illustratesfor Working Ranch magazine. Wheeler has made the most of being droughted out, flooded out, burned out 

and laid out and utilizes his God-given talent for art to spread a little humor to an otherwise hard way of life. 

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