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I'm Daryl Talbot, Cowboy/Military Cartoonist. My cartoons and illustrations are used in magazines, books, T-shirts and greeting cards.

My work is seen regularly in LEANIN' TREE greeting cards and LEATHERNECK MAGAZINE. I cartooned for WESTERN HORSEMAN MAGAZINE for 45 years. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Art Education in 1973. I was a member of the National Cartoonist Society and Western Writers of America for several years, but now I'm a member of Cowboy Cartoonists International which fits my needs better.In 1997 I received the Will Rogers Cowboy Cartoonist of the Year Award from the Academy of Western Artists and1st and 3rd Place in the all Navy Cartoon Contest in AL HANDS Magazine in 1975. There are 4 books collecting my cowboy cartoons, COWBOY CARTOONS BY DARYL TALBOT 1, 2 and 3 and OKLAHOMA COWBOY CARTOONS BY DARYL TALBOT, and 2 books

collecting my military cartoons,LAUGHING IN CADENCE and LAUGHING IN RANK AND FILE.


I was initiated into the western life at an early age on my grandfather's Oklahoma farm.No electricity, no in-door plumbin', an outhouse

and well, farming with horses, a wood stove for heating and cooking, and attending a one-room school with one teacher for eight grades. There was a pot-bellied coal burning stove for heat and our water fountain was a bucket and two dippers. You know? The good ol' days.

I'm proud of my Choctaw heritage from my great, great grandmother who refused to register with government because she said,

“They took the babies!” I have lots of good memories for cartoons.

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